Extended Warranty

Although we have 100% confidence in the products we sell, Cranlea offer extended warranty programmes for a wide range of our products to give you peace of mind for a total of up to 5 years

Cranlea offer extended warranty on many of our products for a period of up to 4 years after the initial 12 months. Extended warranties are charged at 5% of the original list price per annum. For products below £10,000 a minimum of £500 per annum will be charged. 

Extended warranty programmes offer our customers complete peace of mind by covering the following:

Extended Warranty ordered during the 1st year

1 year extended warranty including 1 annual service (2 years total)  5% of list price
2 year extended warranty including 2 annual service (3 years total)  10% of list price 
3 year extended warranty including 3 annual service (4 years total)  15% of list price 
4 year extended warranty including 4 annual service (5 years total)  20% of list price                         

 Warranty does not include accidental damage, misuse or wear & tear.

* For all Cortex systems, extended warranty excludes Oxygen cells, Volume Transducers and Sample lines.

Extended Warranty taken out after manufacturer’s warranty has elapsed

Customers will be required to pay the equivalent value for the years they have not taken the warranty for them to become eligible for a new 1 year extended warranty.

For example, if a customer wishes to purchase extended warranty 2 years after purchase they will be required to pay for the year that they have missed. Therefore a 1 year extended warranty will cost 10% of list price. Further years will be charged at the standard charge of 5% per year.

The extended warranty is also subject to a full inspection of the equipment by a trained Cranlea engineer.

Cranlea reserves the right to refuse to offer extended warranty.

Further benefits of Extended Warranty

Customers will receive a 15% discount on all parts, consumables and labour charges not included in the Extended Warranty.

 Woodway customers will receive a 20% discount on all parts not included in the Extended Warranty.

 All consumables and software upgrades charged extra. All warranty options above apply to UKmainland only.

 Highlands/Islands, NI, ROI surcharge and congestion/parking charge supplements may apply.


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