The Most Comfortable and Durable Treadmill for Therapists 

The goal of physical therapy is to achieve the highest functional outcome for each patient or client. Woodway treadmills provide a platform suitable for patients striving to improve strength, increase endurance and maintain or broaden their range of motion.

Woodway’s patented running surface is ideal for therapy and rehabilitation. The rubberized Slat Belt design provides a stable and comfortable surface while absorbing harmful shock to muscles and joints. Therapists can be assured their patients can find the right speed and make measurable progress with a zero start and speed increments in 0.1 mph. With different options available for lower functioning patients, Woodway’s reliable and accessible equipment offers plenty of clearance for therapy or analysis.

 Commercial Treadmills Designed With the Patient in Mind

Woodway’s cardiac rehabilitation equipment plays an active role in building a healthy partnership between its users and their rehab programs. From doctors to physical therapists, whether the goal is to reduce cardiac symptoms, improve health or reduce the risk of future heart problems, rest assured Woodway is committed to meeting those needs. 

Our Cardiac Rehab equipment is designed to optimize the quality and efficiency of therapy and decrease overall recovery time. The Slat Belt running surface provides users with a soft and comfortable experience while absorbing harmful shock to muscles, joints and ligaments.  Woodway’s toothed drive belt and ball bearing design assure smooth operation and a true zero start speed for bariatric patients with a weight capacity of up to 800lbs. Patients will experience a lower rate of perceived exertion (RPE), less impact and less muscle fatigue so they can rehab more effectively. Accessibility options allow plenty of clearance for patient and therapist while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment.

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