Altitude Training

Cranlea are official distributors of the Sporting Edge range of altitude training systems. Whether you require a personal use system or a chamber we can help.

Sporting Edge pioneered the technology for precise and simultaneous control of oxygen, temperature and humidity and continues to set the standard for training and rehabilitation environments requiring superb control, total safety and unequalled reliability.

Simulated Altitude Training is quickly emerging as the world’s most promising development in the world of athletic performance and peak fitness. As your body begins to adjust to repeated exposure to reduced oxygen (hypoxic) environments, amazing physiological changes occur making you faster, stronger, healthier and leaner. Whether you are training for the Olympics or just trying to get in shape, simulated altitude training is a true training revolution. There is a increasing evidence that altitude helps to manage weight, it effectively make the body work out even when at rest because the lower oxygen drives the metabolism harder, so more calories are burned.

Please click on the link below to see the range of personal use systems or contact us for more information on chambers.

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