Biomechanical Measurement


Whether you are making movement analysis, measuring recovery, strain or any other sport related biosignal, Mega Electronics provides the ideal measuring instruments for every job. Our best-in-class level biosignal monitoring devices set the standard in sport research and athlete training.



The all new Brower Vertical Jump is now available. Please see more information on the product page below



The full Takei range includes both digital and analogue versions of Hand Grip Dynamometers and Leg/Back Dynamometers and a Digital Vertical Jump Meter.

Please see details of individual products and purchase here


Just Jump


Measures vertical jumps, times both sprint and foot speed. Hand held unit displays height and hang time for one jump, average height, ground time, explosive power for four jumps and sprint times.



Cybex Humac Norm

The Humac Norm is your solution for measuring human performance. In one machine it offers 22 isolated-joint movement patterns, four resistance models (isokinetic, isotonic, isometric and passive) and numerous reports to meet the measurement and exercise needs of todays researchers.

The Humac Norm includes attachments to perform the isolated patterns covering the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and back.

The Humac software allows users to easily carry out testing of patients both quickly and hassle free.

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