Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing


For over 20 years Cortex have been a specialist in the field of CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing. Please see below for details regarding their lab based system, the MetaLyzer 3B, and the all new ambulatory system the MetaMax 3B-R2



Douglas Bag System

The traditional way of measuring Oxygen uptake has been to use Douglas Bags. However, difficulty in being able to mate the various components and avoiding leaks has always been a problem. For many years now Cranlea have been producing our own custom built frames made with the highest quality components available. Each frame is supplied with Hans Rudolph valves and stopcocks which allow the user to carry out testing without the worry of any leaks or problems in mating components.


Servomex Gas Analyser

Servomex 5200 Gas Analyser


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