Cardiovascular Measurement


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Mega Electronics Ltd introduces the most reliable and convenient way to measure heart rate variability (R-R intervals) and autonomic nervous system. eMotion HRVis an ideal solution to be used in research, wellness, exercise and in top sports.

eMotion HRV offers long term measurements, advanced automated analyses, easy-to-understand reports and versatile analysis tools for research.





Hosand Technologies is a company whose mission is to develop technical products which improve athletes health and physical strength. They now provide an extensive range of products which allow the user to evaluate athlete performance on a daily basis as well as providing specific information to set target goals and improve individual training




Nonin Medical invented finger pulse oximetry and is a global leader in developing noninvasive medical monitoring solutions that improve the quality of people's lives. Technology driven, they provide pulse and cerebral oximeters, capnographs, sensors, OEM, and vet solutions that meet customers' needs today and tomorrow.


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