Treadmill Service

The Woodway extended warranties are subject to the product undergoing either an annual preventative maintenance or full contract service.


Consists of:
  • Basic function check.
  • Clean handrail, display and covers.
  • Inspect power cord.
  • Vacuum beneath and inside the treadmill.
  • Tighten any loose nuts and adjust feet if necessary.
  • Re-grease running surface if necessary and spray with anti-static spray.
  • Check motor and brushes (if applicable).
  • Check and grease drive belt or replace if necessary.
  • Grease front and rear roller bearings.


Consists of:
  • Full system function test.Full mechanical service including check, adjustment and lubrication of;
    • Motor drive belts.
    • Running belt slats, ‘V’ and drive belts.
    • Elevation assemblies.
    • Front and rear roller bearings.
    • Ventilation fan dust filters.
    • Chassis and feet.
  • Full electronic service including the inspection of;
  • Motors, transformers, power supplies and pcb’s.
Wiring and connectors.

  • Operational tests including;
    • Safety features and emergency stops.
    • Handrail control switches.
    • Data monitor or WUS controller.
    • Speed and elevation.
  • Calibration of speed and elevation.
  • Electrical safety checks (PAT).
  • Complete clean of the treadmill and under treadmill area.
  • Replacement of parts (if available) where necessary.
Issue service and calibration report.


Consists of:
  • Annual contract service (as above).
  • Free call-out &
  • Free labour &
  • Free parts for all breakdowns due to manufacturing defect or faulty components.
  • Free software updates.

Accidental damage, wear & tear and misuse cover not included.

Further benefits of Annual Contract Service and Full Extended Warranty

Customers will receive a 15% discount on all parts, consumables and labour charges not included in the Annual Service or Extended Parts Warranty.

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